High Country Bible Institute
High Country Bible Institute (HCBI) teaches the basics of the Bible and Christianity, as well
as providing more in-depth instruction. We are here to help bring every believer from
basic salvation in Jesus, to building our relationship with God, and to learning to recognize
and use our gifts within the church. We then assist in helping to develop those gifts as an
outreach in order to share Jesus in our homes, neighborhoods, and throughout the world.
In other words, we are here to help bring the Body of Christ into maturity in order to see
lives changed both here on this earth and for eternity.
High Country Bible Institute works with our other affiliate ministries under PNCCI to
accomplish this purpose. At this time, HCBI is available as an online learning experience,
which is offered to you free of charge. Click on the link below to go to our Bible School
Courses Page.
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