This page is designed to offer you a variety of Scripture Helps. We wish to encourage you in
your walk with the Lord as you journey through this life and on into eternity.
He desires to know us intimately as His children. For us to know Him that way as well, we
must know His Word, the Bible.
The Bible is God showing us Himself: His nature, His ways, and His loving desire for us to
be a part of His family, among other things.
God wants us to grow into maturity in our faith and to be able not only to overcome things
that would hold us back, but also to be able to help others find their way to Him, as well.
We hope you will take advantage of the resources we offer here as well as spend more time
in your Bible and with the Lord Himself.
Scripture Helps
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Why do that?

We need to see the whole picture
of God and His dealings with
people as they make choices in
their lives.

As we read through the whole
Bible, we see the reason why God
acts the way He does, His desire
for a family, and His great love for

We can see that God has one plan
that has been in operation
throughout all time and into
eternity. In His Word, He shares
that plan with us. But if we don't
read the whole thing, we miss
parts and can misunderstand His
heart of love.

1. Any theory, interpretation, or explanation must be
in agreement with the
whole Bible, not just parts of it.

2. It must agree with God's principles and heart of

3. His principles, character, attitudes, and heart of
love are explained in the Ten Commandments. Study

4. We can find these same characteristics in Jesus,
His Son. We need to study His life, works, and

5. It must agree with the Blood Covenant we, as
Believers in Jesus, have with Almighty God, and the
purpose of the cross, death, and resurrection of
Jesus. We need to learn what this Covenant means,
what our responsibilities are, and what God's
responsibilities are in regard to it.

6. It must agree with the Fatherhood of God, His
Covenant with Israel, and His Covenant with the
Church, which is the Body and Bride of Christ.

7. It must be based on what God has said, not
assumptions of what He has not said, according to
the whole Bible from
"In the beginning God created
the heavens and the earth."
(Genesis 1:1 KJV) to and
"The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all.
(Revelation 22:21 KJV)

8. We must believe God says what He means and
means what He says. The Bible says we are not to
add to His Word or take away from it, under penalty
of a curse.

9. We are to test every spirit, what others say, our
own ideas, thoughts, and experiences by His infallible
Word and accept His Word by the guidelines God,
Himself, has provided in His Word, as the final
authority in
all things.

10. We must take the time and effort to build a
relationship with Him so we will know what and how
He thinks, and of His great love for us. This is a
protection against error because we will
know Him,
not just know
about Him.

Copyright 1997, 2007 Dorothy E. McClees -- Used by permission
Some other suggestions for
helping yourself to grow in the
Lord and in His Word:

1. The book of Proverbs is full of
wisdom for everyday living. It has
31 chapters. Read one chapter
each day. For example, on the 1st
day of the month read chapter 1,
2nd day, read chapter 2, and so

2. Read five Psalms each day. That
will get you through the book of
Psalms in one month.

3. Get some kind of audio Bible
that you can listen to as you go
about your day or even as you fall
asleep at night. You can even play
it while you are sleeping.

4. Find good, faith-filled teachings
by people who love God and are
strong in His Word. These are
available through the internet, on
CDs and DVDs and books, to
name a few sources, as well as
some excellent Bible teachers you
can hear in person.

5. Spend time with God in prayer,
both talking to Him and listening
to Him. Take the time to get out
of the busyness of life and go
aside with Him even for a little
while, to hear what He wants to
tell you and just to enjoy His
presence. You might be pleasantly
surprised at what you discover!

Psalm 1:2 (KJV) But his delight is
in the law of the LORD; and in his
law doth he meditate day and

What does it mean to meditate on
God's Word?

Meditating on God's Word, as it
says in Psalm 1:2, means to read
it and then think about what it
says and what it means, asking
the Holy Spirit to speak to you
through the words.
It can be compared to a sheep
chewing its cud. After it has eaten
the grass it must chew on it. After
we "eat" the Word of God, we
must also "chew" on it, thinking
about it, asking the Holy Spirit to
show us what it means in our life,
what He wants us to do with it,
and what He wants to do in us
through His Word that He has
spoken to us as we read our Bible.
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